4 Things to Look for in a Plumber

It’s happened to the best of us. It’s 1am and you head to the bathroom for the second time that night, but something’s different this time… wetter. As you slosh around in chilly, ankle-high water you realize something very expensive has just happened.

Burst pipes, at 1am and you, being so inconveniently modern, don’t even know where to turn off the main water valve, let alone patch up a leak with electrical tape, a pipe clamp and a bicycle inner tube. You’re not MacGyver!

There’s still one problem, you don’t have a plumber and you need one right away. So off you go to the yellow pages or the internet in a frantic search for an plumber near me emergency plumber. The problem is you have absolutely no time to check whether or not you can trust this company. Do yourself a favour; find a plumber that ticks all the boxes so that when you’re in a pinch you won’t make matters worse for yourself.

4. Do They Offer a 24-Hour Emergency Service?

The thing about emergencies is that they happen at such inconvenient times and the problem with water gushing merrily from your pipes onto your beautiful new carpet is that it won’t keep until morning, you need to deal with it now.

Keeping this in mind one of the first things you should check is whether or not your future plumber will be there for you should you call frantically at 2:37am.

3. Have They Got The Proper Insurance?

Everyone makes mistakes. You never know when they’re going to happen and they’re not always somebody’s fault, the only protection from random errors is to insure against them. You don’t expect to crash your car or burn your house down, but you have insurance for that, don’t you?

Well, imagine something goes wrong during a plumbing job and you don’t have flood protection insurance for your house. Your plumber better be insured otherwise you’ll be the one stuck paying repair bills and trying to chase up what you’re owed through the courts (good luck).

Save yourself a lot of hassle up front and ask your plumber what type of insurance they have, just in case.

2. Do They Charge for Quotations?

Some companies will charge you a fee simply to come to your house and tell you exactly how bad your problem is. Sometimes, to prevent you from shopping around, they charge a quotation fee. This allows the cheeky plumber to charge more, after all how many  quotation fees will you pay before it becomes ridiculous?

At the end of the day you’re looking for a plumber you can work with long term, that should really mean you look out for each other. As a loyal customer you shouldn’t expect to pay a quotation fee every time there’s a problem.

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