How a Car Seat Organizer Can Keep You Sane

This is serious, right! It is all about how a little thing like a car seat organizer can actually stop you from going over the edge. Yes, it’s true! A car seat organizer can actually keep you sane.

Think for a bit. Have you every been on a long car trip with the kids in the back, mom sitting besides you in the front and items of varying importance lying everywhere? Johnny in the back seat starts calling out for the Lightening McQueen CD to be put in the DVD and you think to yourself, ‘Why didn’t I buy that car seat organizer like I said I was going to?

Mom herself then starts up with, Felt Car Back Seat Organizer “Where did you pack the diapers?” I couldn’t remember but I couldn’t admit that so I said almost robot like,”Under your seat dear.” I knew she wouldn’t be able to reach from where she was sitting and all I could think of was, ‘Why didn’t I buy that car seat organizer when I was going to.’

Johnny won’t let up, indeed his pitch was getting higher and more demanding and mom, she was besides herself because the baby’s bottle was missing and he had started to cry for his formula as well. All I could think of was – yes – you’re right, ‘Why didn’t I get that car seat organizer before we left.’

The noise was deafening, I didn’t really want to stop as it was getting into the afternoon and I wanted to get to the beach while the sun was still up. But because we didn’t have a car seat organizer I had to. After a considerable time we found the diapers in the back under the towels, the Lightening McQueen CD was on the back seat under Johnny’s seat and the formula was in the glove box, where else would I have put it.

Well, when we returned home the first thing I did was to buy that car seat organizer even if it was just to keep me sane.

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