Prophetic – Why It’s Not Recognized In Many Churches Today

Prophetic ~ There are three kinds of sight:

(1) Eyesight

(2) Insight

(3) Foresight

We all know that “eyesight” is the sight one sees with the physical eyes.

“Insight” is the sight inside your head.

“Foresight” is to see ahead in time ~ often referred to as “prophetic” site. It is a wonderful, powerful and reolutionary ability to be able to get a glimpse of yourself in the future. If you catch a glimpse of what you look like in the future, one can almost not help but praise and worship our Creator, the Living God for the things yet to occur.

In order for one to have “foresight” it necessitates you and God moving together in time. The word Synchronize means “together in time,” and that is what God wants your journey to be, synchronized with His timeline. Many people do not know or understand that every human being is a unique copy of an ancient manuscript. Nost people don’t want to think of themselves as a copy, but the word “unique” will refresh that feeling. The word “unique” means “worthy of being considered in a class by itself.”

God wants to give His creative beings prosperity like never before. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants, and as your soul prospers, you will prosper also. In the early 1900’s, the church cut out “insight,” “foresight,” the prophetic. They decided that they wanted nothing to do with it because it challenged their set of rules and dogma. When this happened, there was an emergence of psychics, because the prophetic exists, and was thrown away by the church, to be taken by the world and used for selfish purposes.

With Y’Shua (Jesus) comes the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega. Why do we ignore the omega? Why do we ignore the end? Why do we ignore the last? Because we are comfortable with what has happened, but we are not comfortable with what’s going to happen. But something good is going to happen. No matter what anyone says, “this” author believes it!

Holy Writ states something that should not be ignored in 2 Kings 2:14-16, Verse 14: And Elisha said, “As the LORD of hosts lives, before whom I stand, surely were it not that I regard the presence of Jehoshaphat king of Judah, I would not look at you, nor see you. Verse 15: But now bring me a musician.” Then it happened, when the musician played, that the hand of the LORD came upon him. Verse 16 And he said, “Thus says the LORD: ‘Make this valley full of ditches.’

Elisha was completely dull of hearing until they brought a guitarist. He told them to bring him a musician because he was not hearing anything. Most of the messianic songs and prophecies in the Psalms were given through music. Prophets need music (inspiration), and therefore people must put up with the unique demeanor of the prophet, and make the effort to reach out to the realm of the prophetic. The prophetic brings the element of surprise.

Satan hates the element of surprise because he knows the predictability of the nature of man, so he bases his attacks and response upon the predictability of man. Human nature is not evil; God gave human beings human nature. It is sin within human nature that’s evil. Stop despising your human nature. You have to despise the sin that’s controlling it, and have the nature and the mind of Y’Shua/Jesus the Christ.

Human nature wants things to be as predicable as possible, and then evil knows exactly what you’re going to do. But through the element of surprise, God is going to take you to a land, but will not show you until YOU make the effort to progress. Satan doesn’t like the mystery of God because the mystery of God is something that can only be seen by the saints of the Most High. Satan hates the mystery of God because it’s a revelation. It’s something that is covered and can only be uncovered by the Spirit of God. There is truth and there is revelation that is about to be uncovered in this day and in this age. Jesus came as the supreme example. When there was no wine, He spoke to the water. Jesus deals in manifestation; when He says “wine,” just pour the water and watch what happens. Jesus often spoke to the elements, like the fig tree.

Within your human DNA, there is a process called replication. The word “replication” means “an echo, a reply, a copy.” A double stranded DNA makes copies of itself, unique copies, for you to reproduce IN THE SPIRIT. You are a unique copy of something ancient, and now it is in YOUR power to reproduce that SPIRITUALLY. Within Y’Shua/Jesus the Christ you were born, and you were a copy of something ancient. You possess the power to reproduce that, whether it’s the prophetic voice of Daniel, or the Request prophetic word praise of David. It is in YOUR DNA spiritually!

When you open yourself to your Creator, to the Spirit Of Holiness, you are opening yourself to allow Y’Shua/Jesus the Christ to make you an echo, or a reply to, the thing that was placed within you as a unique copy of an ancient gift or calling. You will have “insight” and “foresight.” This should make you feel “special” . . . very, very SPECIAL ~ MsCiCi ~.

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