Pros/Cons of Distance Learning and Regular MBA Courses

While taking MBA Entrance Exams many people consider the option of joining correspondence MBA Courses due to much different reasons. It is important that a candidate considers their options cautiously since there are both pros and cones linked to distance learning. Although there may be no option for a candidate but to enroll as a distance learner it is important that one understands the different factors attached to correspondence.

Pros of distance learning:

* Reduced costs of transportation visiting lectures on a daily basis. This has been noted to be a costly affair for many MBA candidates taking regular classes.

* Maintenance of a job while pursuing MBA courses thus helping maintain income that could be contributed to house hold and family expenses.

* Freedom to travel and move to different destination while maintaining mba courses. This means one could continue pursuing future studies even when situated on a different city or state.

* You have the option of learning at your own pace thus helping many to have a better understanding of the professional requirements.

* Candidates have the opportunity to learn using their own techniques and resort to new technology to help improve learning.

Cons linked to distance learning:

* MBA Entrance Exams can not be taken online and candidates must visit the specified designations

* Distance learning require a candidate to be connected to the internet and many distance learning programs will require a fast internet connection that is more costly that a slow one.

* You need to plan out a proper login schedule that does not clash with office hours as many bosses do not allow distance learner to log on to university sites while at work.

* Lake of one to one iteration with lecturers and other candidates could lead to a feeling of isolation. This is especially exhibited when a candidate comes across a problem that requires being resolved but without a lecturer or councilor they require to resort to other resolutions.

* Candidates need to invest in equipment for correspondence such as computers, and internet connection plus a few additional resources and equipment that may be required.

* Requires learning without supervision and being able to manage time as required so as to keep up with MBA Courses.

* Must learn trouble shooting for computers as malfunction could lead to missing of important lectures.

* All the above factors must be taken in to consideration before taking the MBA Entrance Exams since that all play a major role towards the success of correspondence MBA courses.

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