Tips to Consider Before Constructing a Playground

Today, almost every new playground constructed comes along a pre planned design and strict criteria to be fulfilled. Construction of a playground depends upon several factors including location and settings. Variety of setting can be found to distinguish playground like shopping centers, schools, parks and public gathering places. There are several guidelines to be followed while constructing a new playground. It should be noted that the guidelines have to be followed by the existing playground undergoing an alteration along with playground to be newly constructed.

The guidelines state that any all existing playgrounds intended to be altered should provide improved access to the existing play area. This means that if the complete ground surface is altered or improved and replaced with entire new surface area such area should provide 안전놀이터 access to the various types of play components. Normal maintenance activities like replacement of worn out ropes or topping off ground surface should in no case is considered as an alteration. It is also provided that if the playground is relocated to an existing playground for the creation of a safe use zone the above stated guidelines will not be applying.

Additional facilities:
According to guidelines additional products, designs and technologies can be brought into usage for alteration provided that such alterations or technology bring along greater accessibility and usability of the playground. Additional facilities are used for bringing along innovative solutions and designs in order to satisfy the guidelines as stated above. Such alterations help in providing equal access and rope benefits of new developments in the playground.

It is important to note that playground when constructed in phases should meet the guidelines as stated above. The initial playground area to be constructed at the first should comply with the guidelines and also at each progressive stage. Phase designs are used for developing the playground in different stages allowing proper implementation of plans and designs. This also allows compatibility with budget, community approval processes and fund raising. As the playground is fully constructed it must comply with the guidelines.

Play areas separated with age group:
The purpose of play areas to be separated with age difference is to avoid chances of injury to children. Thus, while applying to the guidelines play areas should be designed keeping in mind the age difference. Thus, a playground which has to be designed for age group 2 to 5 should come along a separate plan when compared a playground designed for 5 to 12 year olds.


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