What You Should Know About Crack Cocaine

This Drug will most of the time be heated up and then smoked-the reason why its common name is Crack Cocaine is because of the fact that it makes a popping or crackling sound once heated. Crack is the most vigorous form of Cocaine and also the most dangerous from the two-make no mistake, Cocaine is dangerous as well, as you have read in my previous post about “What You Should Know About Cocaine.” Crack however is normally 75%-100% PURE!

By smoking this Drug, it reaches the brain much faster, which results in a more acute and instant high that last about 15 minutes. Smoking will result in Addiction very fast-as fast as your first hit-purely based on the fact that it is smoked, rather than snorted.

Cocaine has been considered as “a rich man’s” drug due to the fact of the high cost of it, but Crack on the other hand is much cheaper-so cheap that even teenagers can afford it. What you have to remember is that to maintain a Crack Addiction will become expensive due to the fact that the amount you need each time will increase.

The psychological dependence from Crack is incredibly powerful, due to the fact that is stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain. Addiction will almost always start as soon as the first “hit” due to the fact that is smoked and enters the blood stream immediately. Tolerance will develop very fast and then it is impossible for the Addict to reach that very first high again, thus resulting in more and more use of the Drug.

Up to 90% of addicts will relapse in the first year of recovery – many due to the fact that they do not understand the emotions and behaviors that accompany the Protracted Abstinence phase.

Do You Understand Crack Cocaine?

While I personally have never tried crack cocaine, I have talked to people, including friends, who have or still do use it. This is one of the most addictive drugs ever known.

When you first try crack, you get a high like no other! You are in a state where nothing bothers you, any pain is gone and you are on top of the biggest cloud you could be on and it is great.

Here’s the problem, you never reach that first high state again. You buy cocaine online and smoke more and more crack trying to get back to the state you were in the first time you try it. It NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!

You could purchase all the crack on earth but you will never get back to that state of mind you were in when you first tried it. That is the problem, everyone wants to get back to that first high state.

I know people who spend all their paychecks just to get crack. I have seen it ruin lives, people become liars, they pawn everything they own just to have money to buy crack to get to that state of mind that never happens again. I have friends who pay tens of thousands of dollars a year just to try to get back to that state of mind they were in the first time they tried it.

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